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The Plastic Police

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Bygreen are proud supporters of companies who look for dynamic solutions when it comes to recycling. The “Plastic Police” are more than just recycling though. They are passionate about environmental education. They help communities and organisations to rethink waste and where possible, reduce their use of soft plastics. They help organisations connect and be part of the solution to close the loop on the soft plastics that we generate in our businesses, homes and communities.

The Plastic Police’s philosophy is one we are just as passionate about. Their research shows that in 2015, 94% of soft plastic packaging from NSW households ended up in landfill and only a small percentage of that was recycled via supermarket drop-off options. So this just went to show that there was a severe lack of suitable options for businesses and councils to be able to help divert soft plastic waste from landfill and have this material recycled locally here at home.

Plastic Police is a local community engagement program helping to collect, recycle and reuse soft plastics, keeping it out of landfill and the environment. They partner with organisations, businesses, councils and schools, to collect their soft plastics and turn it into new and useful products for local communities to enjoy. Those participating in the program are part of the solution and you can be, too.

So! Remember! If you can scrunch it, you can save it!