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2023 environmental progress

In 2023, we made some significant progress towards our environmental goals and commitments. Below are some statistics showing what we achieved featuring some of the organisations that we partner with, such as Planet Ark and Brettacorp Inc.

Illustration of a Pile of straws with text - "6 Million Plastic Straws Diverted from Landfill"

In a significant environmental effort, Bygreen participated the Great Plastics Rescue. We were able to rescue 6 million single-use straws from landfill. These straws were then redirected to resin manufacturers, contributing to the creation of higher-value, longer-life products.

Pile of Waste illustration with text - "3.8 Tonnes of Waste Diverted from Landfill"

Year to date, our commitment to additional waste streams has diverted 3.8 tonnes of waste from ending up in landfill. Thereby contributing to a more sustainable, healthy and eco-friendly business model.

Planet Ark Logo with and illustration of a printer cartridge and text - "229 Printer Cartridges Diverted From landfill"

As proud members of the Planet Ark Closed Loop Program, we embrace responsibility. Ensuring the ethical disposal of 229 printer cartridges this year alone, preventing them from reaching landfill.

Illustration of a full pallet of boxes with a pallet jack and text - "40% Less Pallet Wrap Consumption"

Through the strategic implementation of stretch wrap in our pallet wrapper, Bygreen has achieved an impressive 40% reduction in wrap usage. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also underscores our dedication to resource conservation.

Illustration of a pile of boxes and the text - " 10% of our packaging is 100% plastic free.

Since 2022, our commitment to sustainability includes an aggressive effort to eliminate plastic from our packaging. Over the last six months, we’ve successfully transitioned 10% of our packaging to be entirely plastic-free.

"$2380 given to Brettacorp to help build new forests."

As part of our Guardian for Green initiative, we’ve pledged to donate 1% of profits from our wooden cutlery range to Brettacorp. In June, we were delighted to contribute $2380 to support Brettacorp’s impactful environmental work in planting new forests.