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Plastic waste in the environment is becoming an increasing issue. Landfills are growing quickly, as is the amount of waste in our oceans. Recycling is not effective and is very limited in Australia. Reducing our waste by using reusables is one solution.

Our mission is to provide GREEN solutions to our customers, innovating and educating through supply of sustainable eco-friendly products, that promote ONE SMALL CHANGE from every customer, in turn making ONE BIG DIFFERENCE to our planet.

Most Coffee Cups Are Not Recyclable

Over 1 Billion disposable coffee cups are used in Australia each year. That’s 2.7 million per day. Very few end up being recycled or commercially composted. Most end up in Landfill. Even compostable cups are rarely composted as there is little infrastructure in place and costs to transport make it unviable.

Most Plastic Bottles Are Not Recycled

Out of all plastic water bottles used – only 30% are recycled.  It takes over 400 000 barrels of oil per year in Australia, just to make the bottles. It takes 7 litres of water to make a 1 litre bottle. Tap water costs 1c per litre compared to bottled water costing on average $2.53 per litre.