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Plastic Free Noosa

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What is Plastic Free Noosa?

Plastic Free Noosa is a community project to reduce Noosa’s plastic footprint. The project was initiated by The Boomerang Allianceas part of their Communities Taking Control campaign, which focuses on achieving wide scale change away from plastic pollution.
To achieve this, Plastic Free Noosa engage directly with food outlets, events, markets, and other organisations such as Bygreen to switch from single-use plastics to better alternatives. They also encourage individuals to take up a plastic-free lifestyle.

Bygreen is working with Plastic Free Noosa in every aspect we can to ensure our products are environmentally and eco friendly and meet the stringent requirements that Plastic Free Noosa adhere to in an effort to make this planet a better place.
With all of our packaging and products moving towards being 100% natural and/or 100% recyclable we hope to help Plastic Free Noosa in the aim to dramatically reduce plastic litter and act to build community awareness about the dangers of plastic litter.

The next step is to address the many other forms of disposable plastics. The fact is that plastic litter in the environment is an eyesore, a pollutant, a threat to wildlife and, according to recent reports, a potential threat to human health. The reality is that plastic litter in the environ­ment is so destructive that we need to do more than wait for the slow wheels of the legislative arm to turn.

Many individuals and businesses have become aware of the plastic pollution problem and are changing habits and practices. However, what we lack is a whole community taking control of its plastic footprint, with a focus on long lasting solutions, and showing other communities how this can be achieved.

The most pow­erful actions begin with the individual, extend to the community and then to our politicians. If we want to see wide scale change, we need to create a culture of community action, and the best time to start is right now.

Plastic Free Noosa is a whole-of-community plan to reduce Noosa’s plastic footprint. Their aim in 2018 is to reduce single-use plastic packaging by 50% by engaging food outlets, markets, schools, hotels and other organisations to switch to better alternatives. To learn more about how they are achieving this, check out the Plastic Free Noosa Plan.

If you’re travelling to Noosa, jump onto Plastic Free Noosa’s site to find cafes that support this cause and join the community movement of banning single use plastic.