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Oxo-Bio Straws breaking down

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The impact of plastic waste on our environment is something we should all be concerned with.
At Bygreen we are not sitting on our hands, and have developed a range of Eco-straws that will hopefully replace the current plastic straw in time. We must look at viable solutions that will either degrade or compost helping reduce landfill, and not remain on earth as long as plastic. It is important we also look at also reducing the risk of all plastics and waste entering our waterways and marine systems. Bygreen will be looking for new products as they are developed and continue to add to our Eco-Straw Range in the future. Currently to our knowledge there are 3 options available for drinking straws that are;

• Food Safe and meets Relevant Standards covered by our HACCP Policies
• Meets Standards for Sustainability so we are not further imposing strain on our eco-systems in the manufacturing of our eco-straws
• Meets Claims and Standards that the straw is Degradable, Compostable, or Biodegradable
• Meets Customers Needs for an enjoyable drinking experience, without risk.