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New Range of Picks now in the Wobbly Boot Range

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We are now stocking 120mm cocktail picks with various finishes including the heart, ring, fiesta, white and red pearl along with knotted ends. These picks are sure to make delicious decorations to your cocktails or use with your even more appetising nibblies! A convenient and fun way to make cocktail and food presentation more vibrant. These are perfect for various uses including cocktails, mini-kebabs, and appetisers. Featuring in red, black, and natural, these picks will suit any event!

WBCP120BAZ_1 Aztec Pick The Aztecs may have predicted the 2012 apocalypse, but they sure didn’t see the Spanish coming! What they DID do though was create insanely beautiful patterns in history that we have now fashioned into these beautiful natural bamboo picks. Orange you glad we didn’t say olive?!
WBCP120BFI_1 Fiesta Pick Every day should be celebrated with extra siesta naps and obligatory Mexican dinner nights! What better way to celebrate with drinks accessorised with these vibrant threaded picks. Cocktails and sangrias just got super fancy.
WBCP120HN_1 Heart/ Knotted Skewers Looking for that perfect balance? These heart picks balance nicely on the top of your glass for a touch of difference. Made from natural bamboo product as all our picks are these give a natural feel to healthy mocktails or cocktails.
WBCP120BWP_1 White Pearl These are a timeless classic for those wanting a more sophisticated feel.
WBCP120RR_1 Ring Pick Calling all lovers of cocktails, burgers, sliders, wraps! We always say not to judge a book by its cover but why risk it?! Dress up your tasty cocktails and food with these practical & beautiful ring picks. No mess, no fuss on presentation (+ makes a risky toothpick for the brave!).
WBCP120KB_1 Knotted Pick Looking for a different handle to your already great ideas? Our knotted picks have the great feature of a good looking pick as well as the knot working as a handle. Also make great swizzle sticks.

Cocktail picks although quite minimalistic in function can really add flair and personality to any event. Whether you’re accessorizing your cocktail glasses or simply using them practically for your hors d’oeuvres, guests will definitely notice the additional attention to detail you have put into your presentation. Great uses for food sampling, events, and drink nights.

Our cocktail picks are 120mm in length, perfect for intended use. These picks are definitely going to hold items in place without being overbearing or cumbersome. The various designs we have in this range will suit any theme night, party or event you are hosting.

Order today by calling 07 3888 0566 or emailing sales@austraw.com.au.