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Bygreen – now a member of APCO

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APCO – The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation is a co-regulator and not for profit organisation that is partnering with government and industry to help reduce the impact of packaging within Australia. They are dedicated to promoting sustainable packaging including sustainable design, recycling initiatives and waste and landfill reduction.

With Bygreen’s mission to reduce the impact of plastic waste in our environment, partnering with APCO was a logical next step to ensure our commitment to this massive transition and to stay on target.

Bygreen’s supply of single use items is now not only about providing an environmentally friendly choice for consumers but also ensuring that the packaging these items are distributed in is also high on our agenda.

APCO members are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their packaging and by partnering with APCO we make a public declaration of our intentions to connect with like minded brand owners, organisations, packaging manufacturers, waste management and recycling organisations to collaborate and drive industry led change.

Being an APCO member means that Bygreen has support through the entire process as they provide the framework and resources to increase packaging sustainability along the entire supply chain from design, distribution, retail and importantly, recovery.

To become of member of APCO Bygreen have been required to take certain actions that comply with the Covenant, such as submitting reports of our packaging, plans on how we can improve our packaging and action plans of how our company will move forward with sustainable products and packaging.

APCO and now Bygreen’s five year plan is to deliver on the 2025 national Packaging Targets which is a commitment to elimination all packaging going to landfill by 2025 and instead will be 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable having a massive impact by reducing waste and protecting our environment for future generations.