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With the world becoming more health conscious and environmentally aware, biodegradable products such as paper straws are becoming a product in demand.

There are a few things you should consider when looking for paper straws. Are all the elements of these straws able to break down? Have the inks been food safe tested?

At Bygreen we are very conscious of all of these things. Our straws are made from a 3 ply premium food grade kraft paper. This allows the straw to hold it’s shape when submersed longer than that of some other straws that are 2 ply or less.

Fully compostable these straws are a great choice for our environment over plastic straws and not only look great, they are also a very practical choice for Eco Friendly Venues.

Our Paper straws come with all the relevant test data for dye levels and heavy metals. Certification for this is available on our downloads page.

Try them – you’ll love them.