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12 months later…

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12 months ago we featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.
“The last straw: plastic is out and green is in” where Mick was showing off our green alternatives.

read the story here

Time has passed and a lot has happened in the industry with the push of banning not only plastic straws – but of single use plastic in general.
We’ve all learnt to carry reusable bags in our cars ready for our weekly shopping trip, and the millenials are all carrying around their reusable stainless steel straws. (Which you can buy from us).
Paper straws were the hot item to have – but the general public view is they just don’t cut the mustard. So the question is where to now?
We have 2 alternatives you should consider.
PLA – Poly Lactic Acid (corn starch).
OXO-BIO Oxo-biodegradable (plastic with an ingredient reverte).

Let me tell you a little about these 2 options and you can choose which is right for your situation. I’ve included paper straws in this information for those of you who love these great eco-friendly straws.