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Those that follow our beliefs and take action to improve our world. The Guardians of Green Is the way we give back to the community, both local and world-wide.

Being a responsible business, we donate to several charities, in many different ways, not always traditional. We take pride in supporting those who align with our beliefs or that fit within our culture and seek out local initiatives rather than mainstream ventures. We are always looking for new people to support so if you think we can help you, contact us.


Brettacorp inc. is a registered not-for- profit community association building forests in the Cassowary Coast region of Tropical North Queensland, Australia. Habitat for endangered and threatened species such as the Southern Cassowary and Mahogany Glider is being created as you read this. The 1st Saturday of every month they hold community revegetation days. Contact them for information and site details. Go along and make nature with them. Every $5 they receive will get a native tree in the ground.

Dolly’s Dream every day

Their dream is the same any other parents, a happy life for our children. But now they also want to stop bullying from devastating another family. Together with the Alannah & Madeline Foundation they are going to find ways to educate parents on the problem of bullying, its effects and how to deal with it. They want to empower people to be able to recognize bullying when it happens, then be brave enough to stand up and talk about it. 

SIPtember every year

In 2019 Fraser Island Clean Up had 754 volunteers with Four Wheel Drive Queensland affiliated clubs and their members volunteering their time to clean and
Almost every single day in Australia, someone has their life changed forever by a spinal cord injury. SIP Week encourages everyone to drink all beverages through a straw, just like those with a spinal injury, to help raise funds to find the cure for paralysis. You have the power to change a life today. You don’t have to run a marathon, or even break a sweat, just drink all your beverages through a straw and fundraise from September 16th to September 22nd. 

WWF all year round

WWF  has been a leading voice for nature for more than half a century, working in 100 countries on six continents with the help of over five million supporters. Passionate and dedicated people like you. WWF partners with governments, businesses, communities and individuals to address a range of pressing environmental issues. Their work is founded on science, reach is international and their mission is exact – to create a world where people live and prosper in harmony with nature. As the seventh largest member of the WWF Network, WWF-Australia has a challenging brief. WWF are striving to conserve biodiversity in Australia and throughout the Oceania region.

Fraser Island Clean Up

In 2019 Fraser Island Clean Up had 754 volunteers with Four Wheel Drive Queensland affiliated clubs and their members volunteering their time to clean and weed, removed over 7 tonnes of waste from our beaches and waterways with all waste recorded in the Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database which enables scientists, government agencies, communities and organisations to access data on marine debris in Australia for educational and research purposes. Four Wheel Drive Queensland Fraser Island Clean Up does not receive any grants or government funding.

Love Your Sister always

Love Your Sister is a million-strong village of everyday Aussies committed to vanquishing all cancers with hard science.​It started with an insane dare. Co-Founder Connie Johnson dared her younger brother, actor Samuel Johnson to unicycle around the country in the face of her terminal diagnosis with breast cancer. Their aim? To remind every mum in the land to check their boobs.Love Your Sister proudly passes on every individual donation to scientific research. No skimming. No bullshit.

Rosies Friends on the Street day and night

Each month nearly 1,400 volunteers share friendship and create belonging with thousands of Rosies patrons. These close-knit teams find real joy in this mission and you can get a taste of that by hearing from some of them.