Guardians of Green

Being a responsible business we donate to several charities, in many different ways, not always traditional. We take pride in supporting those who align with our beliefs or that fit within our culture and seek out local initiatives rather than mainstream ventures. We are always looking for new people to support so contact us if you think we can help you.


Imagine not being able to drink unless it’s through a straw – unable to move your arms. Many people are living like this every day.

As Australia’s largest importer of straws we have chosen to support those that need straws simply to survive. SIP. The Spinal injury project. You may have already seen our paper straw caddies with SIP on the side raising brand awareness all year round. This SIPtember, all of us here at Bygreen will be participating in their once a year SIP week. You can also sign up and participate in this great event in the aim of funding research for spinal injury, or sponsor Bygreen staff members.





Who do Guardians of Green support? Those that follow our beliefs and take action to improve our world.